Stila SRL is a 100% Italian company with an international vision.

We operate in a synergistic environment, located in a land full of inspiration and values ​​that have always marked every single creation. Our structure is composed of different areas that are closely in touch with each other.

Our modern offices are the “second-home” of different professional profiles, that continuously interact in order to widen their knowledge, to look for new trends and new tools for the work’s optimization. The organization of the tasks is always closely linked to the creation of the project which born on our desks and becomes a product in our adjacent production area.

Thanks to the modern machinery, the production staff with decades of experience is always ready to open up to the new challenges posed by technological innovation.
The strong specialization enables the equipment to speed up the production process, obtaining economies of scale and competitive prices.
With a continuous search for the Made in Italy quality, our production structure is dynamic and able to carry out all types of projects.

The logistics system (located in our facility) ensures a constant control of the final product, which does not leaves our warehouse until it has reached perfection.